A 16-Year-Old Girl Places Her Guinea Pig In A Microwave On A Dare From Friends!

You know, I’ve read and heard some pretty terrible things that people do but this is at the top of the list!  A teenage girl decided to place her guinea pig in the microwave on a dare from her friends!  Victoria Muller is a 16-year-old girl from Brazil who obviously didn’t think there was anything wrong in doing such a horrible thing to an innocent little animal.

As horrible as the video is, thankfully, the guinea pig was rescued by authorities and immediately taken to the vet. It was determined that the guinea pig did not suffer injuries, despite what this little animal was put through by an uncaring individual.

Since then, Victoria deleted her accounts on social media probably because of the barrage of hate messages she received from everywhere.  Many responders believed the only reason she did this was to gain more followers!  Not only is that disgusting but very self-centered on her part.

Bravo Dad!

Her father took Victoria to the authorities to explain her actions for such cruelty toward this animal.  She was ordered to apologize for her hideous behavior and faced disciplinary actions from her father.

Her father posted on social media letting people know that she was punished for her cruel actions and saying the guinea pig is fine.  He apologized on behalf of his entire family and let people know they truly love animals and would never let something like this happen, had they known.

In Conclusion:

The animal was removed by authorities to once again to ensure he was alright.

Little Victoria has a lot to learn about the treatment of animals and how defenseless they are when humans take it upon themselves to harm them.  Let’s hope she has learned her lesson and will never put another creature in harm’s way!

If anyone sees something like this happening to a helpless animal, don’t just stand there – stop those involved immediately!  We, as human beings, have a responsibility to care for other creatures on this planet, not abuse them!


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